About the website and its author


   My name is Doug Higgins and welcome to my website dedicated to making Climate Change resources easier to find.  This site is for teachers of grades 8-12 to teach climate change.  My website is meant to go deeper into each subject and to help teachers find the scientific data to build lesson plans on the current and future effects of Climate Change.  The articles and research listed here can also be used by students to research the cause and effects of Climate Change.  I've also include at-least one resource project or activity for each chapter that teachers can use in the classroom.  While I don't have lesson plans for all the subjects covered here, with your help I can add lesson plans to this site in the future!

   Why am I doing this?  After 23 years as a TV news meteorologist I decided on a career change and become a teacher of Earth Science and Social Studies in the Green Bay Wisconsin area.  I've done personal research into Climate Change, yes it's real and will affect everyone on this planet.  While the changes scare me, the lack of knowledge on this subject and the lack of any political action to lesson are what truly keep me up at night. This website is came about as a project for my Masters degree in education.  I found searching the web for Climate Change to be a very frustrating endeavor.  There are so many websites that claim to have good information, but almost none of them cover everything a teacher would need.  Most web sites brush over topics, their are a huge number of broken links, outdated studies cited on the web, and government resources deleted by the Trump administration!  All these factors (and more) make searching for Climate Change data a pain in the rear end. 

   I hope this web site takes some of the pain away for you.  I created a list of trusted resources that use actual science.  I then divided up my resource list into ten Units.  A full vocabulary list on Climate Change is included that to the EPA.   But before we get to that, I highly suggest you read a good book on Climate Change.  Two books I recommend are “Climate Change, What everyone needs to know” Second edition by Joseph Romm and “The Thinking Person’s Guide to Climate Change” Second Edition by Robert Henson.  And if your looking for school textbooks I recommend Yale Climate Connections, https://www.yaleclimateconnections.org/2019/09/nine-climate-change-books-for-educators/  Full disclosure, I have no connection with the authors above, nor do I make any money on these recommendations, they are just good reads and good resources.

The Ten Units of Study:

  1. What is Weather and Climate

  2. What is the Carbon Cycle

  3. CO2 and the Green House Effect

  4. Paleoclimatology

  5. Interconnectedness

  6. Impacts of Increasing CO2

  7. How Climate Models Work

  8. The Bad Science used by Climate Deniers

  9. World Wide Climate Change Mitigation

  10. Local Climate Change Mitigation

   I use each unit to include helpful links to websites, news stories, and scientific studies.  I also include at-least one resource project or activity on the subject.  

   I sincerely hope the information presented here is useful to you.  If you like this site please share with other teachers.  Should you find any errors or omission they are all mine.  Please contact me and I'll make any corrections or additions.  I firmly believe that teachers should share information as we can only get better by working together.  And lastly, I hope this guide will help push more school districts across the country to implement Climate Change in their science curriculum.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”